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Search Websites for Sale with FlipFilter's Maven

Opinionated Searching

We've built an engine capable of understanding what makes the right purchase based on your situation. Enter a few details like your goals and your budget and we'll automatically filter your listings, showing you just the most relevant ones that pass our checks.

Full Website Sale Statistics

Find out what's Selling

Get a full statistical break down on any part of the market from $500 starter sites through to $1,000,000 established businesses. Find out the qualities of the listings that attract the most bids and get the best sale multiples with just a few clicks.

Spot hidden website acquisition opportunities

Spot Hidden Opportunities

We run every listing past a variety of filters to sift out hidden opportunities, and sites that show potential for outstanding performance. Whether you invest in, develop or flip websites, you'll see something worth buying here.

Spy on Successful Flippa Sellers

Spy on Sellers

Savvy sellers have a formula to buy, develop and then sell internet businesses, generating a substantial income for themselves in the process. Analyse what types of assets they sell, the strategies they use to develop them and how they almost guarantee a profitable sale everytime.

Automated Due Diligence Assistance

Due Diligence Help

Due diligence is crucial to avoid losing money on a bad purchase but it takes a big chunk of your time, especially if you're looking at a lot of listings. We reduce your workload by crunching some of the data for you, showing warnings when we find something wrong.

Spy on the most popular sites

Spy on Sites

For any niche, budget or business model you can find the listings that managed to achieve the highest sale price multiples, and see exactly what the owner did right. Analyse everything from their Advertising Campaigns through to their Traffic Metrics and use it as a benchmark for your own projects.

Find other sites for sale by owner

Find Linked Properties

Buyers frequently find themselves in hot water, when a site they've purchased benefits from links on another site owned by the same seller. See other websites owned by the same individual and verify there's no conflicts of interest or potential to lose traffic.

Mobile Apps and App Businesses for Sale

Mobile Apps for Sale

With the recent rise in mobile, the opportunity to widen your playing field has never been better. Our newest addition is the ability to find mobile apps and entire app businesses for sale.

Website Valuation Tool

Guide Prices

When we find businesses that fits a similar profile to one being sold, we show you our estimated sale price, and similar sales from the last few years that back this up. Avoid overpaying and buy with the knowledge that you're at or below market price.

Filter website sale listings

Filter your Heart Out

We've got 67 new filters in v3, so you can tweak your searches within an inch of their life. Need a 5 year old Justin Bieber blog with a high RPU, low Page Rank, existing PPC campaign and verified Analytics on the listing? No problem, we've got you covered.

Email Alerts direct to your inbox

Email Alerts

It's unlikely you'll find your ideal aquisition on the first day you start looking. We make it easier to stay upto date with what's new via daily email alerts of new listings and opportunities that fit your criteria.

Full SEM Rush Reports

SEM Rush

We give you access to full SEM Rush reports as part of your membership. Download all your reports as an Excel Spreadsheet to insert into your Due Diligence files.

Inline WHOIS Queries on Sites for Sale

Trace Seller Details

We check every domain's registered owner, and show you their information where it's available. Know who you're dealing with before negotiations even begin.

Shortcodes for buying websites and domains

Saved Searches

Maybe you want an ecommerce site with $5K revenue, but you'll also consider a blog with no revenue providing it has more than 50K visitors and great backlinks. We can remember all of your favourite searches and run them with one click.

Spy on the most popular sites

Auction Alerts

It's great to get a warning when an auction is about to close, but it would be better if it was only sent providing the listing still met your requirements. That's why we created auction alerts; set your criteria and tell us when to alert you only if they're met.

Website Auction Discussions

Advice from Pros

Get advice, check hunches and ask questions about anything listed. Community discussions give you an opportunity to crowd-source opionions from community pros before making a financial mistake.

FlipFilter 3 is mobile responsive

Mobile Responsive

FlipFilter 3 is fully mobile responsive so everything works just as good on mobile as it does on desktop, without having to install a native app. Simply save to your homescreen and see what's happening at anytime whilst on the go.

Learn how to sell websites

Exclusive Learning Resources

Members get full access to our books and videos on everything you need to get started in using FlipFilter to buy and sell sites. We show you how to avoid rookie mistakes, conduct Due Diligence like a pro and renovate your purchases into sustainable businesses.

Get Started Now Our Basic Tools are Free to Use.