Anatomy of a 20K per month powerseller

Anatomy of a 20K per month powerseller

Difficultly: Beginner

Price: Free

After a popular post on the same subject, this short guide tackles the issue of selling 'starter' or turnkey sites, in volume to make a regular and consistent monthly profit.

This doesn't cover creating the sites themselves, but it does walk you through the process, by studying the sellers that make in excess of $20K per month doing the same.

This isn't a tactic I recommend or would use myself, but personal feelings about starter sites aside, this is an effective way to boost your short term cash supply to enable you to pursue bigger and better things.

For this guide we looked at eight sellers who:

  • Had an overall average clearance rate above 80%
  • Sold at least 15 sites per month
  • Attracted a minimum average of 3 bids per auction
  • Sold sites that generally had no traffic but there were some exceptions

Regardless of the general perception about starter sites, there's no doubt that these sellers all have a system that works for them, and it seems to be easily repeatable.

We dissect everything they do that results in a successful sale and explore how you could potentially take it further.

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