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Active Adwords

Sites with an Active Adwords Campaign. Ideal if you want to scale rapidly.

Increasing Traffic & Keywords

Sites or domains with a general increase in traffic over the last six months and / or increasing keywords in Google's top 20.

Under Monetized

Sites with a significant amount of monthly visitors that appear to have a below average RPU for their niche.

Trusted Aged Domains

Sites and Domains over two years old that are likely to rank well with high Domain Authority and trusted links.

Untapped Search Potential

Sites where a significant amount of their top 20 keyword value is currently sitting on page 2.

Untapped Advertising Potential

Sites monetised by advertising with a below average amount of pages per visitor for its niche.

High NPU & no PPC Campaign

Sites that have a net profit per user significantly higher than the cost of buying in a qualified visitor for its main keywords.

BIN below Price Estimate

Sites and Domains with a Buy it Now below below our automated Auction Selling Price Estimate.

Recently Unsold with Contact Details

Filtered listings that ended unsold in the last week, where the owner's contact details are available.