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User-Generated Pay-Per-Minute Platform

This growing user-generated pay-per-minute site is a platform that gives people the ability to register, create their own pay-per-minute website using the site tools and make money taking pay per minute calls from customers. There are two distinct entities on the network-

1. Website Owners- Visitors register and complete a 10 step setup wizard. Upon completion, they will have an instantly activated pay per minute website and can start promoting their new site to potential customers.

2. Callers- Visitors can connect with website owners on our network and pay a per minute fee for their services

Listed atLatonas. Click to view listing.

  • Monthly Revenue: $108,785
  • Monthly Net Profit: $27,050
  • Revenue per Unique User: $****************** [show]
  • Profit Margin: ** [show]%
  • 1 Year ROI: ** [show]%
  • 3 Year ROI: *** [show]%

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